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We create Beautyful Designed Applications for your Restaurant or Any Store Who Want to sell Online.

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About Us

We Develop Beautyful Application for your Restaurant and Store, In these platforms like Web,Android,iOS application, and push to play and App store. Where user can order for you and You will get order any time. We also provide you one application, Where you can check your order any time,Where you can do these things like Print Order Slip,Update Order Status,View Order Summary etc. And also you get Push Notification Instance when user placed the Order.

You can change your Catalogue any time using Admin tool


User Login & Signup

User can Sign up and login with their personal information.


Delivery & Pickup

There are options for user can choose Delivery or Pickup option with custom Time.


Browse Catalogue Menu

Display the catalogue according to category


Push Notification

User Can get push notification from your side



There are two options that user can choose Pay online or Pay At Restaurant



There is option for loyalty that user can earn when sign Up first time


Admin App.

Admin App. That is available on play & app. store, where you can login with your credential, and see all upcoming orders.

Send Notification

Send Push Notification to all your app user.


View Order

View Your latest and All Orders, and you can see also summary of each order, And can change theire order status.


Print Order

Every Order, You can print for the Delivery/Pickup or for Kitchen.


App. Screenshots

Here you can seee, The whole application work flow screenshot.

login page
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot

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When You feel free to contact us or send Request to Contact, We will reply soon.

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